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Do you want a screen door for your house that totally defines you.  Here's your chance.   You pick the design and I will make it come to life.  Prices start at $650.00 depending on the complexity of your design.


Handling and shipping are not included in the price.

Email if you are interested.

Doors can be made from reclaimed pine, douglas fir or cedar.   All doors are custom made for each customers needs.

The door is totally hand carved in house.  There are no CNC machining and the door is made in the USA.


Email us at before ordering this door 

The screen is heavy duty pet screen.


Size shown is 36 x 80. We can make any size required, just let us know.

We ask for anyone interested in this door to email us at to discuss exactly what you would like in your door.


Since these doors must be shipped as freight please email us at to discuss shipping options.

You Pick the Design Custom Screen Door


CALL US: 123-456-7890

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